Multi-function Pot Cast Iron

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Min. Order:1000 pc
Keywords:Multi-function Pot , Barbecue and Cooking , Cast iron cookware
Origin:Made In China

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Company NameShengri Metal Product Factory
Country/Region:He Bei - China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Contact:Director Leedirctor
Last Online:21 Oct, 2019
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Product Description

Product Name Multi-function Pot Cast Iron Enamel Cookware Barbecue and Cooking
Material Cast Iron              
Item NO. SR244 SR244B
Packing Brown/White/Color Box
MOQ 1000 pcs
Color According to the customer's demands.                             
Coating Enamel
Samples Available
LOGO As your design
Payment Terms   T/T; L/C


Item No. SR244  SR244B 
Size(cm) D 25*23cm, H8.5 D21cm,H6.5
Weight(kg) 3.5 2

How to Use Enameled Cast Iron Pots

1 Understand how enameled cookware works. It heats slowly and cools slowly. The big advantage is that it holds an even heat during cooking and requires little stirring.

2 Use enameled cookware on any kind of stovetop. You also can use it in the oven.

3 Preheat the cookware on a low heat for stovetop use. This allows the cooking surface of the pot or pan to increase to cooking temperature. Then raise the heat to the desired level.

4 Keep the cookware clean, and it can last for generations. Use detergent and a sponge. Use a plastic scrubber for the tough stuff. Dry thoroughly.

5 Cool the enameled cookware before cleaning. Letting it return to room temperature helps prevent warping.

6 Protect the enameled surface by avoiding breaks and scratches. Use wooden or plastic utensils. Place a small amount of cooking oil on places that have chipped so they don't rust.


Enameled Cast Iron Care 

· Wash your cast iron cookware with hot, soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

· Use normal liquid detergent and a sponge.

· Completely dry pan before putting away. Do not put it away still damp.

· Do not use bleach

· Do not use abrasive scourers or cleaners for stubborn residue. Let the pan soak in hot water and clean again.

· Cast iron cookware (except for products with wooden handles) can be washed in the dishwasher, but we advise against heavy use.

· Handles and knobs may loosen over time. Frequently check and secure as needed.


Enameled Cast Iron Use 

· For best results, use low to medium heat.

· Pre-heat pan for 2-3 minutes before adding oil or liquid.

· Use Plastic, wood or nylon utensils only. Metal utensils may damage the enamel.

· ALWAYS use a pot holder or glove when using your pan, the handles will be very hot.

· Do not put hot pan directly on counter tops or unprotected surfaces.

· The pan may chip or break if it is dropped against a hard surface.

· You may use any cast iron cookware in the oven (up to 500° F) and on the stovetop.

· Do not put hot pan directly into cold water or fridge, allow the pan to cool down first to avoid warping. 



Hebei Shengri Import & Export Co., one of the leading manufacturers of home & garden products in HeBei, China. Over the last decade, SHENGRI has build up an expertise in manufacturing and exporting to overseas markets of various products.

We offer an extensive selection of products, including cast iron, glass, and marble; ranging from kitchen items to outdoor accessoWe offer an extensive selection of products, including cast iron, glass, and marble; ranging from kitchen items to outdoor accessories. ries. With our unique design and elegant products, your home will be transformed into a cozy heaven; your backyard will be transformed into a garden paradise.

Specifications:Product: Enamel Cookware,Multi-function Pot
Material:cast iron
brand name:SHENGRI
MOQ:1000 pcs
Advantages:The advantage of the product:
1.Have a long serive life.
2.Not stick
3.Have a competitive price and high quality.
4.It is good for people's healty.
5..We have our own factories, and we have a good supply of production.

Advantages of using cast iron cookware
The first advantage is that you won’t have the dangerous fumes problem. With the right seasoning, cast iron cookware tends to be a great nonstick surface, far better, in fact than the alternatives of stainless, aluminum and copper pans. Of course the surface won’t be nonstick at first, but as you add seasoning over time it will become and absolutely delightful surface.
Price is one of the biggest advantages of cast iron cookware. It costs much less than alternatives, because cast iron cookware has always been such a popular seller with the masses. Most of the time you’ll end up paying less and having a better cooking experience overall when you purchase cast iron.
Cast Iron cookware tends to be very durable. If you dry it correctly, you can expect your cookware to last for years.
For price and performance, cast iron cookware is a formidable for its competitors in the kitchen. Don’t overlook the classics in favor of untested technology.
Export Markets:all over the world
Payment Details:L/C; T/T
Min Order:1000 pcs
Ship Date:45 days
Standard Met:High Quality

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